Terre d'émotions pures Connect with Nature

Over a good part of its course, the Verdon river delimits the departments of the Alpes de Haute Provence and Var, like a more or less splayed fissure, the edges of which form truly steep cliffs in places.

From Castellane, via La Pallud to Quinson, the cliffs of the Verdon are a gift offered by nature with their incredible atmosphere, their magnificent landscape and their gentle Provençal fragrance. A destination sought after and appreciated by climbers, with no less than 3000 routes (all styles of terrain and sports levels), the Verdon river ranks among the most beautiful climbing sites in France, if not the world.

The diversity of the sites is such that you will easily find the route that suits your level of practice, (beginner, amateur or expert) whether you are interested in the physical and technical components or more attracted by the dimension of discovery and adventure.

Because climbing is a demanding activity that requires a mastery of techniques and a good knowledge of the terrain, we recommend that you use the services of a guide on the grand canyon or lower gorges to accompany you.


Everyone will agree that the Verdon river is synonymous with adventure.. Is it because of its excessiveness or the amazing shape of its landscapes? Probably both. To find out for sure, how about enjoying an overview of the situation from the sky while paragliding ? You’re won’t be too high, but you’re not afraid of heights, are you? Do you have a strong head for heights? Then why not try a bungee jump ? Activities of this type are supervised by qualified professionals. For further advice, contact the Tourism Offices.

On the way Straightforward charm

An excellent way to enjoy the beauty of our landscapes around the Verdon river is to go for a walk along the many signposted trails that criss-cross the region. Most of the paths along the lake are easy to walk on and can often be combined with swimming breaks. Here, hiking is synonymous with relaxation and natural exhilaration. Carried by the heat of summer, the woodland scents of pine and oak blend with the typical Provençal scents of lavandin, thyme and rosemary. Slowly, you’ll be enveloped in local charm. Let yourself be carried away!

Close to the campsite, we offer you the beautiful discovery of the mule trails.


After your afternoon swim, explore the cliffs around the lake and climb up to the plateau. The descending sun casts magical lights on the lake and the mountains opposite. Following in the footsteps of the muleteers of yesteryear, on the way up you will see the remains of the old agricultural system (restanques [terraces] and small huts). When you arrive on the plateau, you will enjoy a stunning view of the lake, and at your feet, you will see the beginning of the endless fields of lavandin. On your return, why not dine out in a village restaurant before returning to the campsite. Now that’ s what you might call a busy day.

An alternative: in the early evening, experience a soothing walk along the lavandin and wheat fields. On the plateau, you will enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and lavender fields as far as the eye can see… A little advice, do not leave until you have enjoyed the “ l’ Or bleu (“Blue gold”) “… Scents, colours and senses collide!